Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fanny Mae throws 5 babies into the street for $1.00

This story hits straight at the heart of how the fraudulent fiat-debt monetary system is destroying "The American Family" which is THE heart and soul of America. Incredibly, the consideration for this heartless act was JUST ONE (1) FRAUDULENT FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE!!

If you don't believe World Bankers are not heartless criminal monsters let me show you the some facts I found today while witnessing a court filing for a friend and reading his pleadings at his request.Then going to court with him today.

1. Because of the countries lack of work my friend could not make payments to Huntington Bank for what he thought was a loan. The bank got paid off in full by the insurance company Private Mortgage Insurance for the purposed loan on his house. My friend paid over $100.00 plus a month for this insurance policy.

2. Now Huntington Bank after getting paid in full, gave Fannie Mae Bank a quick claim deed for the sum of one dollar. That document is in the attachment at the top.

3. After my friend, whose name is Scott Sturtevant, and his wife, Melinda, challenged the collection agencies standing in court. They switched attorneys at last minute and proceeded in district court of Hillsdale Michigan under a Judge Donald Sanderson. The proceedings went forward without ever showing standing or even proving there was a debt to be paid, or that the collection agent ever represented Fannie Mae.

4. Judge Donald Sanderson let the attorney enter evidence without anyone with first had knowledge to verify it, overruling Scotts objection to this.

5. Judge Donald Sanderson Then ruled that they and their children had to be out of their home by May first 2009 or there will be a order to remove them.

6. The Sturtevant family have less than $20.00 to there name.

7. U.S government, the Citizens of the U.S., bought Fannie Mae on September 8, 2008 for $100 Billion Dollars to bail them out making Scott, his Wife, and their Five Children the primary shareholders in Fannie Mae. In addition to this the children also owe the Federal Government a debt of $35,000.00 each for the Trillion Dollar Bailout.

8. Since the Mortgage insurance paid for their default, and the Credit Default swaps paid for their default, and the family bought AIG and Fannie Mae, and Fannie Mae and Huntington Bank have been given tax writ-offs for the loss on the mortgage default, the questions now remain are "How many times must the property be paid for by the People of the United States of America before the Bankers will not cast families out into the street?"

"How many times can the corrupt world bankers collect on one alleged debt, and how much when the market value between Huntington Bank and Fannie Mae is $1?"

"Why were the Sturtevants not allowed to buy their home for the same price paid by the Company (Fannie Mae) that they are Shareholders of?"


The name of the father and mother of these children is

Scott R. Sturtevant and Melinda K. Sturtevant
308Hayward Street
Montgomery Michigan near 49255

Hillsdale District court case no, 09-712-LT

My name is Jerry James Stanton my hearing is not perfect but I could hear most of this today 4-20-09 and I swear it is true to the best of my present knowledge

If you agree this is a criminal action by the banks and the courts please call your government representives and let them know what's going on and you are not going to put up with it.

Please contact the Hillsdale County Court and have them send you Judge Donald Sanderson's ruling on this case 517-437-7329, leave a message of your outrage,
and please make pressure on the U.S. Senators the Governor, and the Attorney General of Michigan.

If you think this action by the court is a crime please forward this e-mail so all of us will know what's going on in this country.

God bless to all. Jerry